Privacy Policy


1.1. This Policy contains provisions applicable to this website of the Company. The controller and the processor of the personal data of the users on this website is the company Dama N.V. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”) with license 8048/JAZ2020-013.


2.1. Personal data subjects are website visitors and/or persons who use the functionality of this website (hereinafter referred to as “Users” or “You”). “The Company” and “the User” are together referred to as “Parties,” and “the Party” when being mentioned separately.


3.1. In accordance with the norms and principles established by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), all personal data:

  • 3.1.1. are processed legally, honestly, and “transparently” by us;
  • 3.1.2. are stored in a form that allows identification of users no longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which personal data are processed; (“limitation of storage”);
  • 3.1.3. are processed in a way that provides proper protection of personal data, including protection from unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as from accidental loss, destruction, or damage using appropriate technical or organizational measures (“integrity and confidentiality”).

3.2. Personal data collected and processed by the Company in respect to Users are: name, surname, patronymic, address of residence and contact information, valid email address, place of residence, relevant payment information, login (username). The Company, for the purpose of identifying the User’s personality, has the right to request a scan-copy of his passport.

3.3. You are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the data which You provide. We use Your personal data for the purpose of providing You with services on our website, to identify the User’s identity when registering on our website, to identify You for the correctness of making payments from the User to the Company and from the Company to the User. We use Your payment details (such as the name of the cardholder, the credit card number, and the expiration date of the card) for the purpose of providing You with services on our website.


4.1. For the purposes described above in this Policy, Your personal data may be disclosed (transferred) by the Company to any of our affiliated companies or any business partners (regardless of their territorial location). We guarantee that such companies are aware of the correctness of personal data processing according to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), and comply with the provisions of this regulatory enactment. We and the above-mentioned companies may from time to time involve third parties for the processing of Your personal data for the purposes indicated above, provided that such processing will be governed by contractual arrangements in the form prescribed by law. Your personal data may also be disclosed to the appropriate governmental, regulatory, or executive body in case it is prescribed or permitted by law.


5.1. to ask the Company for correction or erasure of the User’s personal data or to provide the Company with an objection for such processing; 5.2. to provide the User’s personal data being incomplete to the Company (subject to the provision of an additional statement explaining the reasons); 5.3. to request and receive personal data about You (that were provided by You to the Company); 5.4. to be informed whether the Company stores information about You; 5.5. to request from the Company the exact purpose(s) of processing Your personal data and information about categories of your personal data that are being processed by the Company; 5.6. to request access to Your personal data which the Company stores; 5.7. to request the estimated period during which Your personal data will be stored by the Company.


6.1. to provide Your accurate and true personal data in full volume, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions placed on this website and this Policy; 6.2. to notify the Company promptly about the fact of an unauthorized receipt of Your personal data by a third party if You became aware of such a fact; 6.3. to notify the Company about any disagreements with any of the purposes of data processing or if You wish the Company to terminate the processing of Your personal data via sending a corresponding notice. The User is fully aware that sending such notice of disagreement with any of the purposes of personal data processing and/or of intention to stop the processing of his personal data being made by the Company shall be the legal ground for the termination of any relationships between the Parties within the Terms & Conditions placed on this website.


7.1. to terminate any and all contractual relationships (stipulated by the Terms & Conditions posted on the Company’s website) with You in case of non-provision of Your consent to the Company for processing of Your personal data for the purposes specified in this Policy; 7.2. to amend this Policy unilaterally without receiving any prior approval for such amendments from You.


8.1. to inform You about the recipients of Your personal data (third parties), if a relevant request has been received from You; 8.2. to provide You with Your personal data (being stored by the Company) in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format if a relevant request has been filed by You; 8.3. to notify the user and supervisory authority about a User’s personal data breach within a reasonable term after becoming aware of such a fact. 8.4. The parties also have all rights and obligations provided by the General Data Protection Regulation. The time period of storing Your personal data by the Company extends for the entire period of the duration of relationships between the parties provided by the Terms & Conditions placed on the Company’s website as well as for the next three years after the termination of the Parties’ relationships.

9.1. The Сompany must comply with the Personal data Protection Act of Curacao (2013) and the European Parliament’s 2016 ‘Regulation EU 2016/679’ act on the use of Personal data and data protection (General Data Protection Regulation [“GDPR”]. 9.2. If You wish to view any personal data that we store about You or if You want to make any changes to Your personal data or delete them; or if You wish to receive information on how Your personal data are used by the Company, how we ensure the confidentiality of Your personal data, You can submit a request via e-mail [email protected]


10.1. We reserve the right to charge reasonable fees for duplicate requests, requests for additional copies of the same data and/or requests which are considered obviously unreasonable or excessive. 10.2. We can also refuse to provide answers on requests which we consider to be obviously unreasonable or excessive.


11.1. Cookies are text files placed on Your computer or mobile device to collect User’s behavior information. Our website creates Cookies for each session when You visit it.