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For The Gambler Bay, partnering with Slotman is a very important step. We have long been striving for this and believe that this is a mutually beneficial investment of forces. Slotman is the embodiment of functions that are absolutely necessary for modern affiliate programs. Playing for real money in online casinos is an important step, and you fully support the customers of your casinos!

The Gambler Bay

Working with Slotman is wonderful. The quick communication level is making everything run smoothly without hitches.Their affiliate support is making it so easy for all parties. With fast payments done all times, I can say that Slotman is one of the most reliable brands in the industry.


What we love about their affiliate program is that they are truly willing to provide you with all the necessary marketing tools - and that is nothing short of heroic! That, paired with a juicy commission plan inspired us to to push ourselves further and attract new players. Hats off to ya!

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After seeing the monthly analysis from Heroic Affiliates, it is an understatement to say that we have been impressed with the concept of affiliate partnership. Our presence has been spread even more than we had imagined and now sales have drastically improved, all thanks to the professional work from our partners. We absolutely recommend them!


It's a pleasure to cooperate with Heroic Affiliates, a respected company with recognized products. This partnership will bring great success for both parties and more interested customers.


The team at GambLizard and I wish to personally extend our gratitude to Heroic Affiliates for such fruitful cooperation. We needed a partner that would maintain a high level of professionalism from the very moment that we began working together. We received the best from Slotman Casino.


The potential for making money in the global online gambling sector has never been greater. We here at LoopX maximize potential by working with Heroic Affiliates. If you join forces with them and take up one of their casino affiliate programs, you will enjoy a high rate of conversions and on-time payment for your efforts. Act now while the going is good.


Working with Heroic Affiliates is quite the experience, especially when you decide to work with someone who’s specializing in the world of gambling, just as we at GamblingORB are. Their affiliate program offers fast payouts and it’s simply a joy.

GamblingORB Italy

As soon as we found Heroic Affiliates, we at GamblingORB-PT couldn’t look away. This Italian team specializing in the world of casino have shown us the way through their revolutionary affiliate program known as Heroic Affiliates. The program has high conversion rates and is an attractive option for just about anyone.

GamblingORB Portugal

If you're looking for the right team to work with to penetrate the gambling scene, partner with Heroic Affiliates.. They run one of the best casino affiliate programs in the global gaming industry. They will show you how to get high conversion rates, a generous share of revenue, and be paid on time.


If you want to delve into the global online gambling industry, now is a great time to do so. Follow our lead here at casinosistersites and chat to the user-friendly management team at Heroic Affiliates. They will show you how to take advantage of high conversion rates and prompt payments to set you on the road to success.


We are very happy to continue our partnership with Heroic Affiliates on our German-focused casinos site. Heroic Affiliates has a great team of competent managers and a good program. Their brand from Dama, Slotman Casino, is amazing as well. For this reason, it must be listed in our Dama N.V. Casinos portfolio. We highly recommend working with Heroic Affiliates.


We are happy to have Heroic Affiliates as a partner. They offer a very good platform out there, providing excellent customer service in every aspect. They are highly recommended.

Synergy Casino

We are pleased to promote Berry Casino on our German-focused online casinos site. Berry casino, just like Heroic affiliates, is a joy to work with. Heroic has friendly and competent affiliate managers who are always in for some help or a quick chat. We highly recommend them to all players in the iGaming industry!


We are very pleased with our partners at heroic Affiliates. We have been working together for a while now and it has all been great since. They have an excellent team and a rewarding program. One of their brands from N1 interactive, Berry Casino, is amazing as well and deserves a place in our N1 interactive Lts casinos portfolio We highly recommend working with Heroic Affiliates.

N1 Interactive Casinos

Top team, quick to answer and very helpful. Listing Berry Casino on our Finnish and English sites was a no-brainer, and it shows already its potential.


Collaborating with the team at Heroic Affiliates has been a refreshing experience. Registration, links and any other question were quickly done or answered and allowed us to instantly start promoting their brands.


We truly like working with Heroic Affiliates as they provide great support, are very responsive and offer great deals. We look forward to a long lasting relationship.


Great and responsive affiliate team together with very well converting brands. Our whole team can recommend collaborating with Heroic Affiliates.


The Heroic Affiliates team is excellent, the casinos perform well, and the players seem to love them. What else to say? If you’re not already promoting their brands, go ahead now.


There is not much that can make the start of a collaboration better than having a motivated and friendly affiliate team offering their full support. As such, it was smooth sailing from first contact to getting the Heroic Affiliates brands listed on our sites.


We are relatively new partners with Heroic Affiliates but so far everything looks good. The communication with the affiliate team goes smoothly and we had a great start after listing Berry Casino on our sites


Our partnership with Heroic Affiliates is one that we hope to keep for many years. Be sure to check them out.


Berry Casino is a brand new gaming destination on our site, and it is definitely here to stay. What we have seen so far is really impressive and it is great fun working with the professional and friendly Heroic Affiliates team.


I will not be changing Heroic Affiliates anytime soon. I am satisfied with this product and amazing service they have to offer.

Zimpler Casino

I am so happy that I discovered Heroic Affiliates and their great brands. A must for the Nordic markets!


Speed and consistency is what Heroic Affiliate offers. The customer care at is wonderful.

Casino Ohne Limit

Heroic affiliates is a professional team. They have very strong brands that attract players. We look forward to long-term cooperation and recommend them!


We are extremely happy to promote Heroic Affiliates. They are good at providing super modern and entertaining gambling products. We have no doubt that this partnership will last for years to come!


Heroic affiliates have two relatively new operators, Slotman and Berry casino, that mostly appeal to a younger audience of players. The affiliate program has already made its way to some of the most notable publishers' hearts due to their affiliate team's responsiveness and business attitude. Bohdan Lytvyn, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, mycasinoindex.com


Our customers love big bonuses and BerryCasino is the right place when you want to offer extra money and free spins. They have proved us their trustworthy and we are happy to increase the customer traffic to BerryCasino in the future.


Our experience with Heroic Affiliates has been nothing short of exceptional. The quality of their brands are matched only by their level of service. It has been a breeze working together, highly recommended!

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You can feel heroic when participating in the Partner Program on Heroic Affiliates website. It offers you breathtaking opportunities to earn a fortune with outstanding casino brands. Many friendly super-managers will give you a hand in case you need it.


We are very pleased with our new Heroic Affiliates partners. They have helpful and knowledgeable affiliate managers who are always available for a quick chat. This affiliate program provides you with high-quality marketing materials to help you promote the brand as effectively as possible.

Suomalaiset Kasinot

This organization is definitely Heroic, as they provide an exceptional Affiliate Program. High conversion rates and famous casino brands are among its perks. With Heroic Affiliates, everyone can achieve their dreams - friendly managers will show the way.

Leaflet Casino

Our partnership with heroicaffiliate.io is great. You can expect high earnings from referrals, high playing odds, and reliable customer support. With great casino products, their staff are easy to work with and eager to help. If we ever had to choose again, heroicaffiliate.io would always be our first.

CasinoTop PT

It’s a pleasure to work with Heroic Affiliates! We look forward to a bright future ahead.


We can highly recommend Heroic Affiliates as an exciting partners. Choosing Heroic Affiliates as a partner you will not regret.


Heroic Affiliates have been around for a long time and it’s a pleasure working with them.


We are happy to cooperate with Heroic Affiliates. The team is super helpful and their crypto casino works amazingly well!


We are excited to partner up with Heroic Affiliates and promote BerryCasino to our Canadian readers. The team is friendly, always available and very helpful. We look forward to strong results


Bonusdiilit has recently started to work with Heroic Affiliates and see great potential in our partnership. We like their new Berry Casino and happy to introduce it to our visitors.


We at Voitolla.com are excited to start partnership with Heroic Affiliates. We've already found their team is extremely helpful, reliable and easy to deal with and their brands high quality


Heroic Affiliates did a great job connecting nzcasimile.co.nz with online casinos licensed and regulated by Curacao. Thanks to this lucrative deal, we can offer our players high odds and powerful retention while earning a lot at the same time. We are looking forward to our successful cooperation in years to come.

NZ Casimile

If you’ve ever wanted to become a hero of your own wallet, you may try to join the Affiliate program at heroicaffiliates.io. With its generous conversion rates and attractive casino brands, you are sure to win a fortune. Pikachucasinos.com has tried it and wasn’t disappointed.

Pikachu Casinos

You can't pass the lucrative opportunity heroicaffiliates.io has to offer. Its Affiliate Program has been running for years and producing outstanding results for everybody involved. Two foundational reasons for that are the well-known and beloved casino brands and conversion rates above the market level.

Irish Casinorius

Casinotop.at has been a partner of heroicaffiliates.io for a very long time. Its casino brands are well-develop and attract customers, which, in turn, brings many profits. Heroicaffiliates.io also contributes to that with its conversion rates that exceed expectations. Overall, we have a positive impression and would like to recommend everyone interested to join.

CasinoTop AT

We love to work with HeroicAffiliates, they have great brands that are proven to work. It truly looks like our Norwegian customers appreciate their brands.


We have been working with Heroic for quite a while, and the performance is among the best in the industry. We could only recommend to work with them


We could only recommend to work with HeroicAffiliates, they have top performing brands which seems to suit our players very well. If you havent already tried working with them you should

Norske Automater

We have no problem recommending working with HeroicAffiliates, they have great brands that are truly converting and retaining the players good. You should try promoting their brands if you have Finnish traffic.

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Berry going pay n play is a major game changer for us. This casino offers now over 7 000 games without registration! Looking forward to the future together.

Pika Kasinot

Loved to start work with this trustworthy casino operator and Berry Casino brand. Wide range of games and fast payments make this a parnter you want to start working with!


We look forward to working with the Affiliate team and advertising leading Paysafe online casinos.

Paysafe Casino Sites

Heroic Affiliates is one of the best affiliate programs we have worked with. Their range of high-quality brands and generous commission structure make them a top choice for any affiliate marketer. Their team is always available to help and provide support, making our partnership a success.


We highly recommend Heroic Affiliates to any affiliate marketer looking for an excellent program. Their portfolio of brands is impressive, and their commission structure is highly competitive. Their team is always responsive and helpful, providing us with the necessary tools to maximize our earnings.

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Our partnership with Heroic Affiliates has been nothing but positive. Their affiliate program offers some of the best casino brands on the market, and their team is knowledgeable and supportive. We appreciate the transparency and regular updates provided, which have helped us optimize our campaigns for maximum success.


We are really happy working with Heroic Affiliates, its probably one of the strongest programs out there. We are seeing great conversion and good player value.

NYE Casino

I can only recommend working with Heroic Affiliates, they have a truly strong brand and we are seeing incredible results already


We are really happy to be working with Heroic Affiliates, their conversion is strong and they have proven great player values during the period we have promoted them.


We love Heroic Affiliates, they have some of the best cryptocasinos at the moment, we can only recommend it


Collaboration with Heroic Affiliates has been a pleasure. The team is helpful and professional.


I have had a great experience with this Voodoo and their affiliate management team. They're the best in the business and always deliver on their promises.


Let’s talk about superheroes of the business. The team from Heroic has been always fast, supportive and working for the common growth

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It's been a pleasure working with Heroic Affiliates, as they have a well-designed affiliate program, a trustworthy team, and promising brands. We saw great potential in their casinos, they are all well-resourced and optimized to compete with the top brands in the industry. If you want higher conversions and valuable addition to your platform, definitely go for this affiliate.

Casino Leader

The partnership between Gamblizard and HeroicAffiliates in the online casino industry has been highly successful. HeroicAffiliates' exceptional service and support, along with their impressive casino brands Slotman Casino and Voodoo.casino, have greatly enriched Gamblizard's platform. The tailored casino bonuses and promotions have been well-received by German and Canadian players, and the attractive features of Slotman Casino and Voodoo.casino have provided users with a top-notch gaming experience.


Heroic Affiliates has been a game-changer for my business. The profit partnership we've established has exceeded all expectations. Their brands have proven to be extremely lucrative, and the conversion rates are impressive. The affiliate managers are always available to help and provide valuable advice. Our profits have seen consistent growth since we joined forces with Heroic Affiliates, and I highly recommend them to anyone in the affiliate marketing space.


Collaborating with Heroic was a breath of fresh air. Their commitment to understanding our needs and delivering on time was truly impressive. They streamlined the entire process, and it felt like a well-choreographed dance where every step was perfectly executed. If you're looking for a partner who makes collaboration easy and efficient, look no further than Heroic.

Brilliant Casinos

HeroicAffiliates offers a great product mixed together with nice promotions that is sure to appeal to players looking for a new online gaming experience. We're looking forward to continue promoting them actively as one of the best casinos

Casino Ohne Lizenz

HeroicAffiliates is a perfect choice if you are looking for a quality casino product to offer to your players.


Working with HeroicAffiliates has been an excellent experience so far. We look forward to a long and successful future together

NZ First

Heroic Affiliates is a great partner for us. They have a simple and transparent commission structure, no hidden fees, and no negative carryover. They also have a loyal and engaged player base, thanks to their excellent games, promotions, and customer service. We couldn't be happier.


We are very happy with the results so far. They have a professional and responsive team that is always ready to help and provide us with the best marketing materials. Their casino brands are attractive and high-converting, and their commission rates are very competitive. Heroic Affiliates is one of the best casino affiliate programs out there.


They have a dedicated and friendly team that is always there to support and guide you. They also have a high-quality product that delivers on its promises. We have been working with Heroic Affiliates for a while now, and we have never had any issues with payments, tracking, or communication. Heroic Affiliates is a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants to succeed in the online casino niche.


Heroic affiliates are real heroes when it comes to interesting slots, games, fast payouts and honest statistics. The team of casinoslots.co.nz appreciates our cooperation with you. We advise everyone who is connected with the online casino market in new zealand to get acquainted with this project in detail. You will definitely be satisfied!


Heroic affiliates offer a good selection of brands, big game portfolio which our players really like. To that an great affiliate team.